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18th Century Garnet Swarovski Collet Necklace with Pendant

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I've based this one-of-a-kind piece off of an 18th Century collet necklace in the portrait by Copley seen in the last image.  Hers is Sapphire, but this necklace is made with extremely rare, very hard to find Swarovski Garnet crystals.  Garnets were very popular in the 18th century and these vintage crystals are incredibly beautiful!

This necklace features VERY large stones- it is a real statement piece, just like the original. Each stone is 25mm long (almost a full inch), and features a central dangle with that is close to 2 inches long. The necklace is very short- about 14 inches long - and is finished with rings at the back.  This allows you to run a ribbon through them and tie them at the neck, as was done in the 18th Century. 


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