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This piece is part of my Autumn 2022 Featured Collection!  It is shown in more detail in this youtube video highlighted all of the pieces.

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 In the 1890s, an ancient Greek Burial chamber was found in the town of Olbia on the Black Sea.  This brooch is a replica of part of a necklace that was within the chamber and is held today at the Walters Art Museum.  Greek Revival jewelry had a particular fad during the 19th Century and this is exactly the style historical people would love!  

This brooch is made with gold-plated pewter and features a REAL Onyx gemstone in the center.  It measures about 1.5" long. 

This item was made by the Museum Reproduction Company, which partners with Museums to recreate historical items in their collections.  A portion of the sale of these items goes back to support the museums where the original pieces are kept.  Made in the USA!

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