Lapis Glass Beaded Necklace - 18th Century loop closure version

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Lapis Lazuli is a beautiful stone that has been used for centuries in jewelry, however modern Lapis is either very expensive or has been dyed to enhance that beautiful blue tone.  Unfortunately that dye can bleed off on skin or clothes, so I've never been able to offer beaded necklaces before.  

I was delighted to find these Czech glass beads which are a beautiful approximation of Lapis, including the texture of the real stone, without the risk of dye rubbing off!  They are a gorgeous, bold color.   These glass beads are 8mm each.  Thanks to the manufacturing process of these beads, each one is unique so there is a beautiful natural-looking quality to them.

This version in in the 18th Century style.  It is a short 13" long with two loops on the ends to close with a ribbon.  18th Century necklaces were meant to be worn very short on the neck in a true choker fashion, so the ribbons allow it to be totally adjustable to your neck. Ribbon is NOT included, but if you would like to add some I have many options available in the millinery shop:  .75-1.5" ribbon is best for this item:

Available in a longer standard version here:


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