17th Century Grey Crystal Collet Necklace - Small Octagon

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This necklace was inspired by this 1670s portrait of Marie Casimire d'Arquien by Jacob Voet. 

Collet necklaces weren't common in the 17th century (the technology to make paste crystal stones wasn't perfected until the 18th century) but you do start to see the beginnings of them and they show up occasionally in portraits and museums.  I was very inspired by the delicate necklace with the small central dangle that shows up in this portrait!

She could be wearing paste or it could be diamonds or rock crystals, which often had a grey-ish cast to them and these vintage Swarovski crystals in Black Diamond give the perfect feel of the dark luxury of the 17th century! Very sparkly, especially in low light! 

This is a short necklace - just 13" long - that finishes with loops so it can be tied closed with a ribbon.  

Available in Gold or Silver plate.  (Gold is shown)

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