Pearl Linked Necklaces - Large Pearls

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I was delighted when I found these vintage linked Baroque pearl chains from one of my vendors!  These vintage acrylic pearls are a quality that is hard to find today, and the large scale and shape of them was an extra bonus!  I bought everything they had!

These are so flexible for jewelry use and, thanks to their light weight, could even be used as sewn-on trim for a very elaborate gown.

Each individual Pearl is about 14mm and they have an irregular "Baroque" shape to them.  

Available in 4 lengths:

16 Inches

24 Inches

36 Inches

48 Inches

Note that the 16" necklace is finished with a lobster clasp and a 3" extender chain for more flexible sizing, while the longer necklaces are simply finished with a small lobster clasp and no extension chain. 



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