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Regency Style Paste Cross Necklace or Pendant

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These crosses are inspired by the cross pendants that were common in the Georgian Era. This is a large pendant (see 2nd picture for an example of it being worn) and measures about 2 inches long (5 cm).

They are heavy, high-quality cast brass (not the flimsy pressed brass you see in other places) that have been plated in your choice of Gold, Silver, or Antique Gold- see the second image for examples of the plating. They are available in many colors:

Pink Topaz
Light Sapphire
Citrine Yellow
Peridot Green
Ruby Red
Rosaline Pink
Orange Topaz

The stones used are vintage Czech rhinestones. Very high quality with lots of sparkle!

I've strung the pendants on a small belcher chain, which is a common type used in the Regency Era. It makes it perfect for historical or everyday wear. The chain is 20 inches long, but can also be clasped shorter if you'd like to wear it as a choker.

Can also be ordered with matching earrings, shown in some pictures, or as a plain pendant, for stringing onto a ribbon or your own chain.

These can also be custom-made as an attachment to one of my many collet necklaces.

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