Dames a la Mode Treasure Box!

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Back for a limited amount of time - my popular Treasure Boxes! 

These "treasure boxes" are grab-bags of of 4 pairs of earrings specially selected for variety.  They will contain a mix of shapes, colors, and styles and I have hand picked them to make sure there is no repetition in the selection.  

There are four styles available - see the photos for some examples of the types of earrings in each collection.  Each collection contains four pairs of earrings.

Pearl and Stone - These collections contain earrings featuring my non-crystal pieces, like Pearl, Turquoise, Coral, Carnelian, Lapis, Onyx, and Cameos.  The approximate retail value of these assortments are $60. Special price of $45.

Small Crystal - These earrings are chosen from my smaller crystal earrings - 8x10mm to 14x10mm.  The approximate retail value of these assortments are $60.  Special price of $45.

Large Crystal - These earrings are from my larger styles - 14x10mm to 18x13mm earrings and may contain double-stone styles as well.  The approximate retail value of these assortments is $80.  Special price of $60.

Deluxe Crystal - My fanciest styles of earrings are featured here: Swarovski, halo, floral, cluster, Queen Anne, and other large, impactful styles.  The retail value of this assortment is a minimum of $100+.  Special price of $80.

One of Each - One of each style in the aforementioned collections! Retail value of this is at least $80. Special price of $60.

Clip On Styles - A few boxes featuring clip-on styles are specially available. These include both crystal and stone earrings. The approximate retail value of these assortments are $60. Special price of $45.

All earrings featured in these collections are Nickel free plated brass.  They may be in multiple finishes. 

Please note that I have pre-packed these collections to ensure variety, so I can't make any promises on colors or styles and I can't honor any requests made on the styles included.  The photos you see are for examples ONLY and do not represent the selection of jewelry you will receive (though some of these may be in your order!). 

There are no exchanges or returns available on Treasure Boxes! 


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