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About Dames a la Mode

Hey there!  I'm Taylor, and I run Dames a la Mode.  

Well, to be more honest, Dames a la Mode runs me!  

Dames a la Mode is inspired by history!  I'm a reenactor and historical costumer who's obsessed with the 18th Century, Georgian jewelry, and things from other eras.  I started this business because I wanted some collet necklaces to go with my 18th Century costumes and couldn't find any I liked (and couldn't afford an original!).  That was in 2011, and it has become more than I ever imagined!

I live and work in Washington, D.C. and all of my items are lovingly hadmade in my tiny home studio in my tiny 1920s rowhouse just blocks from the U.S. Capitol Building and the National Mall.  If I not hunched over my jeweler's bench, you can find me biking around the District with my boyfriend, cooking some delicious southern food in my (tiny..naturally) kitchen, using too many exclamation points, or cuddling with my cats, Libby and Liza.  They are terrible assistants, but good stress relief!

I hope you find something you love and I hope you'll be inspired by history, just like I am!