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Dames a la Mode FAQs and Policies

Posted by Taylor Shelby on

Are your items nickel-free?

Yes! Dames a la Mode items are made with naturally nickel-free brass that has been plated with various nickel-free finishes.

Do you accept returns or exchanges?

Dames a la Mode excepts returns or exchanges within a limited time-frame. Returns must be sent back within 5 days of delivery (based on the tracking # sent with your order). Exchanges may be done within 15 days of the delivery. There is a 10% restocking fee on returns. Shipping for exchanges is the responsibility of the customer.

How do you ship your items?

My orders are all shipped via USPS with tracking numbers. I can arrange to ship your items FedEx or UPS if you prefer, however there will be an additional charge for shipping as it can cost a great deal more. Please contact me if you would like to arrange shipping via UPS or FedEx.

Do you have a storefront or can I visit your studio?

Dames a la Mode is an online business only and does not have a physical retail location. Unfortunately visits to my studio to shop in person are not permitted. On very rare occasions I do in-person sales at trunk shows which are always listed on my facebook page here:

Where do you get your supplies?

My supplies are sourced from numerous places both in the US and in Europe and the Middle East (where jewelry manufacturing is still specialized and high-quality). My settings are custom made for me by a small manufacturer. Many of my stones are vintage items or are new items imported from Europe where Crystals are still being manufactured by the same companies that made them 200 years ago!

Can you make my necklace a custom length?

Probably! Since I make the necklaces myself I can customize most items to a specific length. There may be an additional charge for the change - please contact me at if you would like to have an item customized.

I don't know what colors I need. Can I see them in person?

I offer a rhinestone sample service! You can see the stones in person before you commit to a necklace. These can be ordered here:

What is the difference between Swarovski Crystals and regular Crystals?

Swarovski has been making Crystals for hundreds of years and are still the producers of the most beautiful and highest quality crystals in the world.  As such, they are quite a bit more expensive than "regular" Crystals. 

Both types are made of leaded glass which makes them more vibrant and sparkly than regular glass, however Swarovski crystals are "machine cut" which means each facet is very precise and therefore reflects light in a beautiful way.  Other crystals are only machine cut on the top facet (sometimes referred to a "TTC" or "Table Top Cut") which makes them less sparkly (and also more affordable). 

Both types of stones are made with the same materials and are therefore both "Crystals" however Swarovski offers a better depth of color and more sparkle. 

If you have any other questions, please contact me at

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