Girandole Earrings - Large Cubic Zirconia

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These girandole earrings are the work of a new collaboration between myself and a jewelry manufacturer to be able to create more elaborate and detailed pieces of jewelry.  I am so happy with how these turned out, particularly the quality. 

These girandole earrings are made with Gold- or Silver-plated steel and Cubic Zirconia stones.  They have the most amazing and luxurious sparkle!  The photos cannot capture how vibrant and entrancing these are in person. 

They are quite large measuring 30mm across and 40mm long (approximately 1" x 1.5") and are based off of earrings that were popular from the 1750s-1770s when earrings were very large!  They have leverback clasps to ensure they will stay securely in the ears. T

A bit of a warning: these are heavy earrings. If you are not used to wearing heavy earrings these may feel too heavy at first.  You can train your ears to wear heavier styles by wearing them for a few hours at a time until you are used to the weight.  I found personally that after about 15 minutes I got used to the weight and then no longer notice them. 

Made in China

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