Navy Blue Mirror Back Earrings

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I was delighted to find these wonderful stones. They are vintage Swarovski and they are unique because the are unfaceted smooth stones with a flat back. They are backed with a gold-foil which creates a wonderful mirror-like shine and reflection. They are really remarkable and gorgeous!

In the 18th and 19th Centuries there was a style of stone called "Vauxhall Glass" which was a colored mirror-back glass. It was used in jewelry and decorations. While these don't look exactly like Vauxhall Glass, they are a good modern equivalent.

These stones are a rich navy blue called "Montana Sapphire". They are 14mm and the earrings themselves measure just under an inch long. 

They stones are set in nickel-free settings plated in your choice of Gold, Silver, Antique Gold, or Antique Silver. They are shown here in Gold plate. 

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