Alternating Swarovski Crystal Collet Necklaces - Medium Oval, Medium Octagon

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These alternating shape and color necklaces are inspired by some of the beautiful collet necklaces that come into fashion in the late Victorian Era.  I am aware of two examples from the late Georgian Era, but I haven't seen enough of them to call them quite accurate prior to the Victorian period - your historical accuracy may vary!  There are also a number of examples from the Edwardian period, so you can safely embrace these for 20th Century use as well! 

These are made with vintage Swarovski stones.  The oval stones are clear, while the octagons are in your choice of:  Red, Pink, Dark Green, and Navy Blue

Stone Size: 14x10mm / .70 inches / 1.8cm each
Stone Material: Vintage Swarovski Crystals
Settings: Heavy cast Brass with your choice of plating (Gold plate is shown), offset loops to prevent the settings from flipping around and showing the back. 
Length: 16" (40.6cm) with a 2" extender chain for flexible sizing

 Want to know the difference between Swarovski crystals and regular crystals?  Here's a video about that on my YouTube channel:


14x10mm necklace, octagon necklace, oval necklace

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