Clear Paste Crystal Collet Necklace - Small Round

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I'm excited to offer this new style of necklace! I'd been struggling with the best way to set these smaller stones, as I couldn't get my custom-made heavy settings in these sizes and was forced to use a lower-quality pressed brass which result in necklaces that have a tendency to flip around. Well, problem solved!

These are high-quality cast-brass settings that have been Plated- no need to worry about allergies as they are nickel-free. They are weighty and thanks to the connectors being at the top of the settings, they don't flip around!

I used these settings for these lovely vintage Czech glass rhinestones in a clear, sparkling Diamond. The stones are 10mm around (just a hint under 1/2 inch). The stones are a very bright and reflective Ruby red- such a rich and luxurious color! This necklace is great for layering, a la Anna Wintour. I have almost a hundred different options in my shop, so use your imagination!

This necklace is about 16 inches long with a 2" plated extender chain for flexible sizing.

You can also order matching stud or dangle earrings for a lovely set!

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