18th Century Style Collet Necklace - Small Octagon

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This style of collet necklace has been specifically designed for use with 18th Century as it mimics the very short lengths of 18th Century (and 17th century!) where the necklace is finished with a ribbon instead of a clasp.  These necklaces were worn high and tight on the neck and this allows them to fit more snugly than the longer 19th century styles.  

This style of necklace is also made with setting attached along bars (unlike many of my other styles which attach with jump rings) which keeps the stones closer together - also a common 18th century style. 

This necklace is 13" long and is finished with loops, which you tie closed with a ribbon of your choice.  Ribbon is not included, but I have several colors of silk ribbon available for purchase in the millinery section of my shop here: https://www.damesalamode.com/collections/the-millinery-shop

These stones are 12x10mm each and are available in a variety of colors: 

Sapphire, Navy, Grey, Gold, Orange, Light Pink, Rose Pink, Emerald, Clear, Garnet, Ruby, or Amethyst (custom colors may be available - please contact me for additional color requests)

These are available with a Gold or Silver finish. 

May also be mounted on ruched ribbon or lace for a more luxurious look! 

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