Add on Pearls for Earrings

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Turn your earrings into Day-to-night earrings!  These drops can be added on to most of my standard style earrings to add an elegant Pearl drop.

It was common for Georgian earrings to be convertible like this so that you could have both a simple and fancier version of the same earrings. 

They are shown here with a variety of my shapes and sizes - large octagon (crystal), large oval (topaz and aquamarine)), medium teardrop (navy), medium octagon (fuchsia), small round (burgundy).  I think these work best with the medium and large sizes as the top loop shows just a bit with the small sizes, but they definitely can be used on all small, medium, and large sizes. 

These are available in two styles:  A simple shell pearl drop and a filigree-capped glass pearl.  Both styles are the same length of 2" long, so they add quite a bit of drama and length to your earrings. 

Available in all of my standard finishes. 

Do you have a pair you're not sure will work with these?  Feel free to contact me with a picture of your earrings and I can make a recommendation!

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