Black Pearl 17th Century Necklace

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This necklace is based off of a late 17th Century "Portrait of a Florentine Lady by Jakob Voet."  Black Pearls are rare in historical art (and it is possible the ones in this painting are not pearls but rather some type of glass bead) but when I came across these  glass "Pearls" I couldn't resist them!  They are a really lovely quality with a beautiful sheen and weight.  They are very large 12mm beads.  The beads are a "Tahitian pearl" color which has a bit of lovely iridescence.

I would put these into the "fantasy" realm of costume so they would be an excellent addition to a witchy or gothic historical costume. 

This is a short necklace - just 13" - and is finished with loops on the end so you can add coordinating ribbon. 

 Ribbon is NOT included, but if you would like to add some I have many options available in the millinery shop:  .75-1.5" ribbon is best for this item:

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