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Garnet Red Georgian Crystal Cluster Necklace - Floral Necklace

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When I first started lusting after Georgian-era jewelry, I came across a couple of images of extant floral necklaces that I thought were the most beautiful things I've ever seen. For years I've been looking for settings that would allow me to recreate these necklaces, and I am over the moon have these, finally!

Each individual flower is hand-set with 5 small oval paste crystals with a tiny Garnet crystal in the center. They are linked by a matching oval rhinestone, just like the originals. I've used high-quality vintage Czech rhinestones for these, and I'm so thrilled with how closely they match my inspiration jewelry! 

The settings themselves are cast brass which have been gold plated. This is a true heirloom piece and I'm so proud of the beauty and the quality. 


I'm offering this necklace in THREE different versions. The difference here is the length of the floral cluster. Length outside of the floral cluster will be added by a rhinestone chain made by the 10x8 stones. The necklace shown in the pictures is the LONG version. 

The Short Version (3 flowers): The short version features a center cluster of three flowers (about 6 inches) and the rest of the necklace is finished off by small 10x8 Rhinestones. These are the same stones used in flowers and it will make for a dainty rhinestone chain. 

The Medium Version (5 flowers): The medium-length version features a center cluster of five flowers (about 9 inches) and the rest of the necklace is finished by the same small 10x8 rhinestones used in the flowers. 

The Long Version (7 flowers, SHOWN): This long version features about 13" inches of flowers, made up of 7 individual settings, which will encircle all or most of the neck, depending on the length needed. The rest of the length will be made up of the small 10x8 rhinestones used in the flowers. 

If you want more flowers you can add length to the floral chain for $25 per inch. Please contact me so I can discuss this option with you and set up a custom listing. 

The earrings shown are available here:

I am happy to make this necklace in a custom color, if you so desire. Please contact me and we'll chat :)

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