Hoop and Pearl Earrings - Extra Large Teardrop

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I've always LOVED the hoop-and-pearl earrings of the 18th Century! They are so modern and versatile, yet perfectly at home with the aesthetics of the Georgian Era and even further back. I've always wanted to make some, but I struggled to find the correct hoop findings to make them. I was so happy when I found these!

These sturdy hoop findings are gold-plated, so no worries about allergies. The hoop opens up and then closes back with a click when you put them on. They are very secure, even though they look so delicate!  These are also available as leverbacks or clip on! 
Looking for something smaller?  I have MANY styles of teardrop pearl earrings! https://www.damesalamode.com/search?type=product&q=pearl+earring+teardrop

These are inspired by the Portrait of Marie Antoinette shown in the first image.

This style of earring was popular for centuries! They range from Tudor to Victorian!

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