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Medium Ruby Red Round Collet Necklace

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I'm excited to offer this new style of necklace! I'd been struggling with the best way to set these smaller stones, as I couldn't get my custom-made heavy settings in these sizes and was forced to use a lower-quality pressed brass which result in necklaces that have a tendency to flip around. Well, problem solved!

These are high-quality cast-brass settings that have been gold-plated- no need to worry about allergies as they are nickel-free. They are weighty and thanks to the connectors being at the top of the settings, they don't flip around! (Note that this necklace can be ordered in Silver, Antique Silver, or Antique Gold, as well.)

The stones used in this necklace are vintage Czech crystals in a rich and luxurious Ruby red. They are somewhat large- 14MM each (close to the size of a dime). These vintage Czech stones are high quality and offer and warm, subtle sparkle. This color is so pretty, and GREAT for layering! 

This necklace is about 16 inches long with a 3" plated extender chain for flexible sizing.

You can also order matching single-stone earrings along with this listing for an additional $15.


14mm necklace, round necklace, red

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