Miniature Portrait - Large Round - Thomas-Alexandre Dumas

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Miniature Portraits have been a common piece of sentimental jewelry for centuries. You see them during the Tudor Era through the Victorian period.  Like our modern-day lockets, they were a way to keep a portrait of a loved-one or someone you admire close. 

These historical miniatures feature portraits of well-know figures in history.  They measure 35mm and are available in Silver plate, Gold plate, or Antique Gold plate.  They are finished with either a simple decorative edge or a more elaborate crystal halo. 

This miniature features Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, a hero of the French Revolutionary Wars.  He was the first Black person to become a General in the French Army and later fathered famous author Alexandre Dumas! You can read more about his fascinating life here: .  This portrait post-dates his life, but commemorates his military service. 

This item is a pendant ONLY and does not come with a chain or ribbon, however those can be added on here: 

Chain addition:

Black ribbon addition:

Bow brooch addition (gold finish only):

The miniatures are finished with a 5mm bail loop if you would like to use your own chain or ribbon. 

See more miniatures here:

*Please note that the photographs of these items often include reflections from my studio.  The items do not have those flaws in real life - just the difficulty of capturing images of a reflective surface! 


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