Georgian January: An Instagram Challenge

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Alexander Roslin Painting, 1769.  John Jennings Esquire

If you're anything like me, January is the WORST!  All the sparkling Christmas lights come down, there are no vacation days to look forward to, and you can't stop thinking about all that pecan pie you ate in December.  The weather is generally dismal and there aren't many reenactments to get excited about.  It just seems so blah.  

Well I'd like to take advantage of that lull and fill it with gorgeous Georgians, so I've come up with an Instagram Challenge!  (I'm on Instagram @dames_a_la_mode)  I love Instagram, and it has been a wonderful way to interact with other lovers of Georgian Jewelry and history in general, and I bet my Instagram friends can come up with some dynamite posts with a Georgian theme!  

Introducing...Georgian January!

Each day in January, I've come up with a simple theme word and I'd like to ask you to to find something related to the Georgian Era that matches that theme.  There are no rules other than the era!  It can be a piece of art or jewelry, a song lyric or scene from a movie, a pair of shoes or a gown- whatever says "Georgian" to you!  The painting above (Alexander Roslin, 1769) could work for a theme word of "red" or "silk" or "family" or "portrait."  I just know you all will blow me away with your creativity!

Each morning I'll post my image, and I hope you'll follow along and post one of your own.  Just make sure to use the hashtag #georgianjanuary so I can see what you post!  I'll do occasional round-up posts, too, and share my favorite images that you've posted.  

Here are the themes by day!

I hope you'll play along!  See you on January first!  Get your portrait ready!

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