It's time for Georgian January!

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It's time again for one of my favorite annual events: Georgian January!

Back in 2015 I was dreading the onset of another grim and blah January, so I decided to host an Instagram challenge to share some pretty things to brighten up our month.  Boy am I glad of that, because it has become a wonderful tradition and a great way to start off the new year!  We have nearly 10,000 tags on Instagram at the moment, and I know this year will be even better!

The rules are so simple.  Each day I give you a prompt and then you can post anything that the prompt inspires.  The only rule is that it needs to fit in the dates of the Georgian Era:  1714-1837.  It can anything in the world from anywhere in the world!  

I've specifically chosen prompts that are open-ended because we have people who post all kinds of things!  Costumes, jewelry, movies, art, architecture, places,'s wonderful to see what people come up with.  Don't feel like you can only post something related to historical costuming (unless you want to!) - this is a celebration of all things Georgian!

While this is tailored to an Instagram-based crowd, there are people who participate on Facebook and their blogs, so if you aren't on Instagram then don't feel like you can't join in!

And now...the themes!

I hope you see you on Instagram at @Dames_a_la_Mode! 

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