Jewelry for my 1839 Dress

Posted by Taylor Shelby on

I wore my "this old thing" 1839 dress to a Victorian Christmas Tea hosted by the delightful Modern Mantua Maker ( in her beautiful Christmas-y home!

Since I was wearing an old dress, I made new jewelry to go with it (and finally debuted a stunning bonnet I got from Timely Tresses!).  I was inspired by a couple of late-1830s portraits for my hair and jewelry:

Woman in a Red Dress by Anton Einsle, 1838

Portrait of Three Girls by Johann Nejebse, 1839

Here's my version of these looks:

I loved the little Pearl elements in the braids of the girls, so I clipped in a pair of earrings into mine and they worked perfectly!  The ones I'm wearing are my large teardrops, but there are many styles that would work for this:

I made the Swarovski Garnet and pearl necklace especially for this outfit and *loved* how it turned out, so this necklace is now available in my shop:

And of course I threw on a festive collection of rings in Christmas colors.  These (and more) are available here:

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